PLANET FOUND L.L.C. est. 2023
Interdimensional Department of Arts

A few words from Erik...

I discovered my passion for film editing when I was fourteen years old and I spent over two decades completely immersed in it.  It gifted me with a life as an independent artist and the opportunity to explore a wide variety of other creative passions.

There’s something incredibly mystical about film editing.

Time is something you get to play with.  You separate or unite things at will. You communicate telepathically to an audience without ever uttering a single word yourself.  You arrange twenty four still images per second that get projected as light on a screen and it creates the illusion of seamless movement.  It’s an act of creation where the possibilities can be infinite.

I’ve come to realize a lot of the same things can be said about the reality we inhabit as humans.

Einstein showed us time is an illusion.  Telepathy is real and the preferred method of communication amongst higher dimensional beings.  Modern neuroscience is certain that the reality we visually perceive is being generated from the inside of our bodies outwards.  Quantum physics is starting to understand that reality is multidimensional and projected holographically from another realm.  

These are all ancient truths that have been experienced and understood by mystics and shamans for millennia, but with every day humanity is continually stepping into an era where these knowings will be embodied by the masses.

If we began to consciously consider the immensity of these truths on a day to day basis and harness them for positive uses, how would we choose to tell stories and entertain ourselves differently?

I've decided to use them as playful tools to imagine the fun, loving, and peaceful world I wish to live in.  One that has a reverence for the interconnectedness of all life, forgives, and is guided by the heart.  One that emits light through storytelling and it's use of technology.

I don't have any interest in traditional film editing or screenwriting anymore.  I don't aspire to be a traditional director either.  I do have a handful of ideas for original projects in the realms of music, publishing, television, film, and performance art that I'd love to see come to life though.

Some are already in the works and some are awaiting for the right collaborators to align.  

Nanu Nanu 🌈