Erik is completely independent and dedicated to using his talents to promote unity, peace, forgiveness, love, and simply enjoying life.

He knows firsthand that as human beings we are all collectively generating this reality together and the media we create and the stories we tell are actively having a profound influence on that process.  He has chosen to no longer participate in elevating creative industries and narratives that continue to promote separation, dualism, violence, material world views, and identification with the mind.

For over two decades he's put immeasurable time and resources into passion projects for the world to enjoy freely through his short films, videos, and social media projects; but now with his newfound perspective and a true cause propelling him he's decided to turn the tables and receive.

Financial contributions to support the continued expansion of Erik's work and journey are sincerely appreciated and can be made here.

Checks may also be sent for larger contributions.  Please connect to request a mailing address.

Thank you 💛