What Erik considers to be his true identity lies beyond language and labels, but the ones that feel most comfortable to him in this physical experience are mystic and artist.

If you're not familiar with the first term a mystic is someone who has obtained unity with and absorption into the absolute through self-surrender. 

Over the past six years Erik has been graced with a collection of non-substance induced spiritual experiences.

As a result he has directly seen beyond the veil of physical existence, the illusion of time, and received other insights into the mystical nature of reality.  

Initially seeking insight through the medical mental health system was fraught with archaicness and major human rights abuses, but he still found it to be enlightening in unintended ways. 

Eventually Erik discovered that the core truths he experienced aligned with what Yogis, Indigenous Polynesians, Native Americans, and other spiritual traditions have been saying for millennia.

We are made of pure love. We are one with everything in existence. We are eternal.  

The body and personality you may refer to as Erik is a projection emanating from the infinite blissful void he knows himself to be at the highest level of reality.

What a relief.  He loves to dance a lot now.

A profound gift, a paradox, and a bit of a cosmic goof this whole thing turned out to be and he's here to savor this journey as much as he can.

He also hopes to help others as he continues to evolve, learn, and expand as a being.

Six months after his voluntary nineteen day stay inside Lenox Hill's inpatient psychiatric unit in 2019, he got the opportunity to edit, write, and co-produce his first feature documentary about contemporary artist Geoff McFetridge.

By the end of the multi-year project he had managed to radically heal himself holistically, integrate his awakening experiences while tapering off antipsychotic medication, and the movie won the audience award for best feature documentary at SXSW with Spike Jonze on board as Executive Producer.

His previous editing projects had received Emmy nominations.  Vimeo staff picks.  Etcetera.

That old routine of helping movie directors bring their visions to life or editing high-end commercials has long been something he's walked away from though.

From the shamanic perspective, 'mental illness' is seen as a spiritual crisis that signals the birth of a healer and Erik underwent a similar path of initiation.  He finds all of this stuff far more fascinating than when he taught himself how to edit skateboard videos as a middle schooler and he approaches it as another form of art.

He offers guidance and support to those looking to experience greater well-being, heal themselves naturally, elevate their consciousness, and gain more insight into the true nature of existence.

In addition to the spiritual knowledge and abilities he's acquired through first hand experience; his gift for editing enables him to uniquely curate material and artfully distill concepts down to their most potent essence.  

Erik has also started to step into a variety of new artistic roles for a handful of original and conscious entertainment projects.  He loves to recontextualize the creative skills he's honed over decades to playfully create non-traditional artistic work that facilitates in the expansion of consciousness.  

After living in New York for the first 38 years of his life he's incredibly grateful to now call Hawaii his home.  He loves to relax, travel, and spend lots of time in the sun barefoot.

It is truly an exciting era to be living here on Earth and he's very much looking forward to what unfolds here over the next few decades.  

Everything is going to be okay ✨