What I consider to be my true identity lies beyond language and labels, but the one that feels most comfortable to me in this physical experience is mystic.

If you're not familiar with the term a mystic is someone who has obtained unity with and absorption into the absolute through self-surrender.

Over the past six years I have had a collection of non-substance induced spiritual experiences. 

As a result, I have directly seen beyond the veil of physical existence, the illusion of time, and have had a wide spectrum of mystical experiences.

Initially seeking insight through the medical mental health system was fraught with archaicness and major human rights abuses, but was still enlightening in unintended ways.

Eventually, I found that the core truths I experienced aligned with what Yogis, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and other spiritual traditions have been saying for millennia.

We are made of pure love.  We are one with everything in existence.  We are eternal.

This body and personality you may refer to as Erik is a projection emanating from the infinite blissful void I know myself to be at the highest level of reality.  

What a relief.  Let's dance :)

A bit of a cosmic goof this whole thing turned out to be and I'm here to enjoy this journey as much as I can.  I also hope to help others along the way as I continue to evolve, learn, and expand as a being.

I love to re-contextualize the creative skills I've honed over decades as a multidisciplinary filmmaker to create non-traditional artistic work that facilitates in the expansion of consciousness.  That includes the process of making the work just as much as the finished result.

I also offer support and guidance to people looking to experience greater well-being, or heal themselves holistically.

I'm also exploring a handful of collaborative and original entertainment projects that have been circulating around in my awareness for a while now.

It is truly an exciting era to be living here on Earth and I'm looking forward to what unfolds over the next few years.

Mahalo for visiting ‎💛🌈 🌎